nixon-tapes-final.jpg“The Jewish strangle hold must be broken or this country is going down the drain”

Seldom do we hear politicians or preachers speak openly about Zionist Occupied Government. President Nixon, knew the score well on this count, as a congressman in the 1940s he was famous for working to expose the Zionist-Marxist fifth column that was infiltrating our government and media at the time. The Nixon era White House historical tape collection was the first to be recorded using a hidden voice-activated microphone and provides us with an uncensored look at the Zionist network operating behind the scenes in our government and media to advance their group interests - usually at the expense of everybody else’s interests. The Presidential Recordings Program recently released some new transcripts from the Nixon vault, we ran a search on the key word ‘Jewish’ just to see what would pull up, of course not all Jews are part of a fifth column working in coordinated fashion to destroy European Christian civilization however there is a percentage of hardcore extremists who do and this malicious element is who we like to shine the light of truth on at www.DavidDuke.com, some eyebrow raising revelations follow. We also cobbled together a video on this topic featuring the often quoted recording between President Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham along with some vintage radio from Dr. Duke that is cued up BELOW, read on — Staff:

Conversation 524-027

Date: June 17, 1971

Time: 2:42 pm—3:33 pm

Location: Oval Office

Participants: President Nixon, Charles Colson, Bob Haldeman, Ronald Ziegler

President Nixon: Yeah, OK, OK. Incidentally, I hope to God he’s—he’s not Jewish, is he?

Haldeman: [chuckling] I’m sure he is.

Ronald L. Ziegler: Ellsberg?

President Nixon: I hope not. I hope not.

Colson: With that name, I would [unclearoverlapping voices]—

Haldeman: All the spies up to now have been Jewish. Why the hell wouldn’t he be?

President Nixon: Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know. But it’s a bad wicket for us. It’s a bad wicket.

Haldeman: Well—

President Nixon: Maybe we’ll be lucky for once. Look, you can’t tell by the name. It might just be German or something like it. You see, the problem is that one of the things that really hurt us in the [Elizabeth] Bentley investigations, they were, we had the goods on all these people, but who the hell, Nathan Silvermine. John Abt. Also, Victor Perlo. They were all of them Jews. It was a whole Jewish ring. The only two non-Jews in the Communist conspiracy—the Gold—Goldberg, the Gold—which ones, [unclear] were Jews. The only two non-Jews were [Whittaker] Chambers and [Alger] Hiss. Many thought that Hiss was. He could’ve been a half, but back a ways, but he was not by religion. The only two non-Jews. Every other one was a Jew. And it raised hell with us. But in this case, I hope to God he’s not a Jew.

Haldeman: Well, I suspect he is.

President Nixon: [chuckling] I know, except you can’t tell by the name.

Haldeman: [Former Nixon National Security Council aide] Mort Halperin.

President Nixon: Halperin is, yeah.

Haldeman: [Leslie] Gelb is.

President Nixon: Is Gelb a Jew? Hell, well, then, by golly, we’ve got to—what is [Defense Secretary] Laird doing and what is [Secretary of State] Rogers doing about cleaning up their own security situations?

Haldeman: Well, what are we doing about cleaning up our own here?

President Nixon: Well, that’s what I mean. I’m just—

Haldeman: No, I mean in the White House.

President Nixon: I mean Henry [Kissinger]’s shop. Exactly. Just don’t know when one of them’s going to run out and take a lot of papers. Haldeman: We are in no position to criticize State or Defense on security leaks or on disloyal personnel. And that’s a problem, I think.

President Nixon: You mean, right now. I thought we’d cleared them all out.

Haldeman: Well, we hope we have.

Conversation 527-012Date: June 22, 1971

Time: 5:09 pm—6:46 pm

Location: Oval Office

Participants: President Nixon, John Mitchell

President Nixon: You can never put, [Attorney General] John [Mitchell], any person who is a Jew in a civil rights kind of case, or freedom of the press kind of case, and get even a 10 percent chance [as] a judge-—it can’t be done. It’s just something that—-you’ve got an exception in Kissinger. Basically, who the hell are these people that stole the papers? It’s too bad. I’m sorry. I was hoping one of them would be a gentile. But, geez, they’re ALL [hits desk on “all”]—

John N. Mitchell: Oh yeah. [Unclear.]

President Nixon: The [unclear] writers. The three Jews. You know? The three suspects.

Mitchell: Yeah.

President Nixon: The other fellow, all Jews. You—I go clear back to, as I said, the whole damn Communist thing. What really screwed us in that thing as much as any—-[Secretary of State William] Rogers will bear it out—-was the fact that the [Elizabeth] Bentley testimony was a whole [unclear]: John Abt, Victor Perlo, Lee Pressman, Nathan [Witt], Silverster. Good God, they ran a whole photo shop. They ran off tons of documents and turned them over to the Communists. And . . . boy, if you think things are bloody now, you should have seen how bloody it was then, when they’d given the Soviet Union-—even though there was unpopularity—-‘witch hunt,’ ‘McCarthyism’ and so forth—-see, McCarthy’s —-the charge against McCarthy all started against me. He just was stupid or he wouldn’t have got killed.

Mitchell: I know. He made—-

President Nixon: We are [unclear]—

Mitchell: He made the mistake of making that speech down there in Wheeling, West Virginia [unclear—-overlapping voices].

President Nixon: Well in that state [unclear] awful quick. He came to see me in Los Angeles. I said, ‘Joe, you can’t say that. You can’t say there’s 64 Communists.’ I said, ‘There are more than that. But don’t use a number. Just say there are and mention the State Department. . . . [Exasperated] Aggh.

Mitchell: Yeah.

President Nixon: Anyway, what I’m getting at is this. You have the problem here and it’s—but it isn’t, it isn’t—and I say it isn’t—-it’s part of the background, the faith, and the rest. We’d probably be that way if we are a persecuted minority, concerned about suppression, police state, et cetera, et cetera, and they always come down that way. Almost always. You just can’t find many that don’t. I don’t know. But I’m sure you can find some else [unclear].

Conversation 537-004 Date: July 5, 1971

Time: Unknown between 4:03 pm and 6:15 pm

Location: Oval Office

Participants: President Nixon, Bob Haldeman, Ronald Ziegler

President Nixon: All of the Jewish families are close, but there’s this strange malignancy now that seems to creep among them. I don’t know, the radicalism. I can imagine how the fact that [Daniel] Ellsberg is in this must really tear a fellow like Henry [Kissinger] to pieces, or [Leonard] Garment, you know. Just like the Rosenbergs and all that. That just has to kill him. And you feel horrible about it.

Ronald L. Ziegler: Couldn’t be guy by name of Snyder.

President Nixon: There ain’t none.

H.R. “Bob” Haldeman: [chuckling] It would’ve been a Rosenstein that changed his name.

Ziegler: [Laughs.] It is. Right. It’s always an Ellsberg or [unclear—overlapping voices].

President Nixon: They’re all Jews. Every one’s a Jew. [Leslie] Gelb’s a Jew. [Morton] Halperin’s a Jew. But there are bad—[Alger] Hiss was not a Jew. So that proves something. Very interesting thing. So few of those who engage in espionage are Negroes. Very lucky that way. [Unclear] As a matter of fact, very few of them become Communists. If they do, they either, like, they get into Angela Davis, they’re more of an activist type, and they throw bombs and this and that. But the Negroes, have you ever noticed? There are damn few Negro spies.

Haldeman: They’re not intellectual enough. Not smart enough.

President Nixon: It may be.

Haldeman: They’re not smart enough to be spies, they’re not intellectual enough—

President Nixon: The Jews are born spies. You notice how many of them are? They’re just in it up to their necks. Haldeman: Well, got a basic devious abil—deviousness, that— President Nixon: Well, also, an arrogance, an arrogance that says—that’s what makes a spy. He puts himself above the law.

Ziegler: Yeah.

President Nixon: Other than spies for the pay. I’m talking about the spies that do it because of idealism.

Conversation 545-001 Date: July 24, 1971

Time: 9:43 am—10:36 am

Location: Oval Office

Participants: President Nixon, John Ehrlichman, Henry Kissinger, Bob Haldeman

President Nixon: My point is, leaking is a game.

Ehrlichman: Sure.

President Nixon: Now they’ve leaked on us all the time. I’m going to leak this out. I’m going to leak the Ellsberg thing out. Remember, Bob—John, we’ve got to win it in the newspapers.

Ehrlichman: Right.

President Nixon: And let’s just keep it—keep it alive. I mean, you leak out the Gelb story on the background, who he was, he was McNamara’s man. He was Kennedy’s man. Sheehan and all the rest. One other thing I want to know. Colson made an interesting study of the BLS [Bureau of Labor Statistics] crew. He found out of the 21–you remember he said last time—16 were Democrats. No, he told me in the car, 16 were registered Democrats, one was a registered Republican [unclear] well, there may have been 23. And four were ‘Declined to States.’ Now that doesn’t surprise me in BLS. The point that he did not get into that I want to know, Bob, how many were Jews? Out of the 23 in the BLS, would you get me that?

Haldeman: Alex is getting it.

President Nixon: There’s a Jewish cabal, you know, running through this, working with people like [Federal Reserve Chairman Arthur] Burns and the rest. And they all—they all only talk to Jews. Now, but there it is. But there’s the BLS staff. Now how the hell do you ever expect us to get anything from that staff, the raw data, let alone what the poor guys have to say [unclear] that isn’t gonna be loaded against us? You understand?

Haldeman: Is Alex working on that?

Ehrlichman: [White House Personnel Director Frederick] Malek.

President Nixon: Oh, Malek is. Oh.

Unidentified Person: [whispering] I’ll get this to you today.

[There is a pause of approximately seven seconds.]

President Nixon: Use the polygraph ruthlessly now. Also, John, there’s one thing that I would say that I don’t know whether Krogh ever got the message on. If he didn’t, Bob, you’ve got to get it to him. All people who have access to top secret information are to sign a statement saying, ‘In the event that this document leaks’—it’s to be on every one—‘I agree to take a polygraph test.’ You see what I mean? I don’t want any crap on this. [Unclear] now I don’t know, was that followed through, John, you remember I mentioned that in one of the meetings. [Unclearoverlapping voices] to do it [unclear]. It is only fear that will stop this sort of thing. Nothing but fear.


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